Southeastern Hunting Club





1.  CLUB MEMBERSHIP – Continued membership in the Southeastern Hunting Club for the      forthcoming season is by invitation only. Significant dates involving SEHC membership are as follows:

     March 21st – Deposit due to hold membership for upcoming year.

May 1st – All membership dues and fees must be paid for upcoming year.

      April 30th – Previous year’s memberships expire. All personal property of any kind including campers, tree stands, etc., must be removed from the club and key returned.


·       Permitted to Hunt - Members, their spouses, children and grandchildren who are still in school or a full time college student (22 years old and under) and guests. Parents 70 years or older may hunt with the member free of charge.

·       Children Age 12 and Under – Must hunt with adult supervision and in sight.

·       Children 13 to 15 - Must have passed the Alabama Hunters Education Course, have a copy of their certificate on file with SEHC, have parent’s permission, and parent MUST be on property in order to hunt alone.


·       Number and Cost - Members are allowed three (3) guests per year for deer season and two (2) for turkey season. Only one (1) per day at a cost of $40 per guest per day whether it is a full day or half day. Guest must sign-in on “Visitor Book” and “Pin-In-Out Book”.

·       Payment of Guest Fees - The guest fee can be paid to any Board member or mailed to the club president within seven (7) days after the hunting date or the fee shall be raised to $50.00 upon the necessity of billing.

·       Guests Not Allowed - Not allowed to hunt the first 9 days of opening deer gun season or after December 31st.

·       Guests for Turkey Season – Members are allowed two (2) guests per year for turkey season, but only one (1) guest per day, and guest must hunt in same area as member. Turkey season guest’s kills counts against member’s 5 total limit and do not apply against deer season guest. Turkey season guest fee is $40 per day per guest. Guest must sign-in on “Visitor Book” and “Pin-In-Out Book”.


Tags - Each member will be issued two (2) tags, one Black one Red, to be used for the tag board to show their location while hunting and both tags will have the same assigned number. The guest tag (Red) should be used for the other immediate family members and guests.

·       Tagging - Each member is responsible for tagging himself, family member or guest on the map located in the pin-in house before hunting, scouting, installing stands, etc. and removing it at the end of each hunt.  DO NOT ENTER OR DEPART CLUB PROPERTY WITHOUT TAGGING-IN AND OUT DURING DEER OR TURKEY HUNTING SEASON.

·       Tag-in Time – No tagging in before 4:30 a.m. 


·       Tag-in – Each member is responsible for signing in and tagging himself, family member or guest on the map located in the pin-in house before turkey hunting. Each member can only sign-in two areas at a time.

·       Jakes - No jakes will be harvested, gobblers only. There shall be a $100.00 fine for harvesting a jake.

·       Fall Turkey Season - There is NO fall turkey season at the club.


  •        Doe – Ten (10) doe will be taken on the club (by gun and bow combined) only one (1) Doe per membership on a first come first served basis. The gun season doe shall only be taken during State Legal Doe Days. No killing of doe after December 31st.

  •        Bucks – Each Membership can harvest a total of three (3) bucks. The first two (2) must be a minimum of 4 or more points on one side and the 3rd must be a minimum of 8 points (gun and bow combined). New members will be allowed to kill only one (1) 6-point buck as their first deer (only 1 per life of membership), and then they must go back to bucks with 4-points or more on one side.
  •        Guests - Are ONLY allowed to kill one (1) buck with a minimum of 8 points.

  •        Children Deer Harvest - Children harvesting doe shall be under adult supervision to insure safety and non-elimination of button bucks. Children 12 and under can harvest one 3-point buck as their first deer which will count toward the member’s three (3) bucks and only 1 per life of membership.

  •        Penalties (gun or bow) - Any fines or penalties incurred by any member shall be paid BEFORE the member or any member of his/her family hunts again following the incident that resulted in the fine or penalty.  This rule will be strictly enforced and failure to pay fines or penalties will result in immediate termination of membership.

Button Bucks - $200 fine

Doe after December 31st. $200 fine

Deer Less Than 75# -$200 fine

Deer Less Than 4 Points On One Side - $100 per point fine. A point must be at least 1” in length.

  •        Deer Harvest – When a buck, doe, hog or turkey has been killed it must be taken to the pin-in house.  DO NOT leave the property before you have weighed your kill and filled out the proper information in the pin-in house.  Members shall provide pictures of the animal killed on the club property and forwarded to a board member with-in 24 hours and put on the bulletin board in the pin-in house.  These pictures will verify that the game meets harvest requirements.

7.  CLUB GATES – Gate locks are re-keyed in May of each year and members will be notified and issued new keys via US Mail. Gates are to be kept locked at all times when entering and departing the club with the exception of the pin-in camp gate.  It can be left open if you are in the process of entering to pin-in or out and will immediately return to exit and should lock the gate if no one is in camp.  Southeastern’s lock should be left on the bottom side of the gates.  No one shall drive around gates with vehicles or ATV’s.

8.   CLOSED ROADS  - The following roads will be closed to ALL vehicle access from the Monday following the fall planting days though the end of turkey season, including ATV’s, except when necessary to retrieve game in the area of the closed roads:

1.         Road that goes by #7 & #7A

2.         Quinsey Mountain Ridge Road

3.         Clay Creek Road

4.         Road that runs from Bobcat Road from access to #23 to 19 road

5.         Any road that has a closed sign or marked in anyway.

Please see the club wall map on which the closed roads are marked in red.

9.  LITTERING – There shall be no littering on club property and the camping area should be kept clean.  (It would be appreciated if you would pick up any litter seen.)

10.  STANDS – Only portable non-tree damaging stands are permitted when tree stand hunting.  No permanent stands are allowed.

11.  PETS – Pets are allowed at the camping area only.

12.  ALCOHOL OR DRUGSAnyone hunting under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the club and their membership terminated immediately with no refund of dues.

13.   WORKDAYS – Each member is required to work three (3) mandatory days and two (2) volunteer days per year. Failure to complete the required workdays will result in a fine of $150.00 for each workday missed in order to obtain the new pin-out tags.  The Board members will set aside one workday in December for members to re-fertilize the food plots.

  •    Mandatory work days for planting of food plots - September 28-29, 2019, in the event of rain, make-up days will be October 5-6, 2019.

  •   Re-fertilization of food plots will be December 7, 2019. In the event of rain, make up days will be December 14, 2019.

  •     Volunteer days will be on a call-as-needed basis

  •     Each member will be assigned a field for all required maintenance to be completed prior to September work days. Maintenance should include, but not limited to, cleaning shooter box, cut any limbs that may hinder a shot and any maintenance that may be required to the box.

14.  TRAVELING THROUGH CLUB PROPERTY – No road riding is allowed any time on Club Property.  Travel is restricted to and from selected stands.  Do not drive past parking markers to food plots unless you need to retrieve a harvested deer.  NO driving on the food plots.  No riding on club property at night with the exception of the permitted and established hog hunting season.

15.  BAITING – Baiting deer or turkey by members with any food and/or mineral type supplements is prohibited.  The Board reserves the right to implement a supplemental food and/or mineral program in accordance with state law.

16.  BUILDINGS OR CAMPERS – Members must receive permission from the Board before constructing any building or placing any camper or material on club property.  A clean-up fee will be charged for any materials, trash, etc. left on SEHC property. 

17.  EXPULSION – All persons, (members, family, guests, etc.) which hunt on club property shall abide by all Club Rules, State and Federal laws and the SEHC Code of Ethics and conditions of the Hancock Forest Management lease agreements.  Payment of dues is the member’s agreement to abide by all the aforementioned Rules, laws and conditions and be personally responsible to ensure that any person hunting under the conditions of his/her membership abide by the same.  Disregard of the aforementioned Rules, laws and/or conditions shall result in a fine and/or expulsion at the sole discretion of a simple majority of the Board of Directors.  No paid dues will be refunded with expulsion from SEHC.

18.  VIOLATION OF GAME LAWS – Any violation of game laws by any club member or other person will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

19.  FOOD PLOTS – Members are not to enter or walk on food plots during gun deer season. Over the years, SEHC has strategically located food plots for the safety of its members and in the best locations for deer harvests; therefore, there will be NO privately planted food plots.  In the event any member has a special food plot blend or seeds they would like to plant, they may choose a desired field from the ones mandated by SEHC, furnish the blend, and it will be planted during our September work days.

20.  GAME CAMERAS - Game cameras are not allowed after planting (Fall Work Days) thru the end of deer season. Cameras may be used from February 11th though the last day of February. No camera can be used during turkey season.

21.  INDEMNIFICATION – By payment of membership dues, each member agrees to indemnify and save harmless the club’s Board of Directors, officers and its agents, representatives, successors and assigns from against all claims, demands, loss, damages, expenses, including without limitation attorney fees and costs, litigation, injuries, deaths and liabilities resulting from or in any way arising out of the member’s use of the property and rights provided by the lease.  As a part of this indemnification, the member agrees, upon request of the Board of Directors, to assume, without expense to the Board and with counsel approved by the Board, the defense of any such claim, demand, action or cause of action.

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